The Nunburnholme Figure

The Nunburnholme Figure Nunburnholme is a small village near Pocklington in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
The church of St James was founded by the family of Roger de Morely. The church holds a Norman arch with at least one other Norman fragment of a peg toothed face imbedded in an outside wall. The face also includes a fragment of zig zag carving which would seem to suggest a Norman origin.

Thanks go to C.B. Newham of for the use of the pictures and  information about the carving. Pictures copright  C.B. Newham
The arch on which the figure resides The figure on which the arch resides. You can see the figure at the 10 to position on the arch on the left hand side. Pevsner debates the authenticity of the arch but the inclusion of an exhibitionist figure would seem to argue against a Victorian origin.

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