The Kilvickeon Sheela na gig

Pictures copyright Marc Calhoun 2006

The ruined chapel at Kilvickeon, dedicated to Ernan, son of Eoghan nephew of St. Columba, near Scoor on the Ross of Mull  is thought to date from the late 12th or early 13th centuries. This places it just in the time period when most UK mainland sheelas seem to have been carved. If this figure is a sheela then it would be a fairly late example. The figure is embedded eight-feet above the ground on the east wall of the church  The figure is about 16 inches high and around 4 inches wide at the bottom. The remains of the head extend forward several inches giving the figure a feeling of depth. The right side of the head appears to be missing. What appear to be the weathered remains of arms reach forward to a hold an shallow oval depression on the front of the figure.

Is this a sheela na gig?
Once again we have a very worn figure which is very hard to interpret due to the weathering. However the oval depression held open by the vestigial arms and the  seemingly hunched shoulders do indicate that the figure may have once been an exhibitionist. However in it's current state it is impossible to state with any certainty that it was orginally a sheela na gig but it does have more going for it than a lot of other worn figures.

My thanks go to Marc Calhoun for supplying the above information and the pictures of this less well known and remote figure.

Picture copyright Marc Calhoun 2006

A frontal view of the figure

Pictures copyright Marc Calhoun 2006

The location and size of the figure.

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